Here’s the Pitch…

I don’t own a TV so I get my baseball fix the old fashioned way by listening to it on the radio. I’ve noticed that these broadcasts have found some interesting spots during the game where they incorporate advertisers right into the play of the game. This is not new of course but increasingly more creative. One example is, “the 15th out of the game was brought to you by Geico”. As if that little gecko flagged down a fly ball at the warning track to end the inning. Didn’t happen. They bought an ad.

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The Battle For The Sun

Same Names for the Same Thing

Post and Kellogg’s have a competing product with a very striking similarity: they both call it Raisin Bran.

Second Lead InCause the First Was Too Short

Only Kellogg’s has Special K and only Post has Grape Nuts. So the precedent for nonsensical cereal names is well established and suggests that at least one of these companies could have easily come up with any other name for their “Raisin Bran”, no matter how misleading or absurd. Apparently in the stand off that ensued over this minimalist moniker, neither side swayed. Raisin Bran, a name that stands up alongside Macaroni and Cheese among brand names that leave nothing to the imagination, would have to be shared. Still, a distinction would have to be made and so began the battle for The Sun.

Selling It

The Sun, responsible for growing all of the ingredients in these foods and for drying the grapes into raisins was the obvious front runner and coveted super star (if you stopped reading right now, I would completely understand) for endorsing one of these products.

Selling Out

For a company to be successful, advertising is essential. A lot of money changes hands and competition is fierce. When you are at the top, celebrity endorsement can be the difference between the kids buying “The Cereal Lebron Eats” versus “the cereal Lebron used to eat but grew tired of because even though it was pretty good, the prize in the box was never quite right or easy enough to get.”

The Decision

There could be only one chosen and in the end, Kellogg’s secured the agreement with The Sun, leaving Post in the hot seatin the dark…unsure of its future and Kellogg’s with a very, er, promising future.

The Heat Might Be Getting To Me

Everyone knows the rest of the story: Two Scoops!, et al. Though no one is quite sure why Kellogg’s decided on the picture of The Sun that it used on the box: mouth breathing smile, tongue appearing swollen and obstructive as if The Sun actually has a raisin allergy he’s trying to keep secret. And still The Sun is smiling. As for Post…well, they will always have Sugar Bear.

The Furniture of Music

Digital music is great for keeping landfills a little less cluttered, and for the same reasons it has brought about the beginning of an end of an era: the living room as a museum for music related furnishings of a bygone era. Curator—you. These are the relics that remind us of how we once listened to music, and for better or for worse, have retained their inhabitation in our homes.

The CD Tower

The signature of college dorm rooms and squalid bachelor living spaces of the 90’s. It

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Find Me in the Hallway

For years I felt compelled to tell my friends never to hang out too close to the trashcan during parties. It’s a frequently visited place and eventually people might associate you with the refuse. Since then, I’ve tried to take notice of where people stand in a room during social situations, mainly parties. It doesn’t mean anything about people necessarily. There is really nothing to read into it. I had a friend point out this couple who were standing right above a vent on the floor. It was a really hot room. I guess it means they’re smart? So you see, analyzing this sort of observation is a waste of time. But, I’m gonna do it anyway.

In The Kitchen

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From Grounds to Glory

Coffee Has Feelings Too

The human relationship with coffee is a tumultuous one. Few things are more celebrated and vilified among us. It has been both praised and condemned by health authorities. It is legal in every state and has zero regulations attached to it concerning its biological effects or addictive properties. It has been the sludgy stimulant of frontiersman and the drinkable accessory for image conscious beats, hipsters and any other variety of layabouts. In that order.

Dark Ages

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To and Fro

H.G. Not Orson

H.G. Wells said, “When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the human race.” I’m not sure if he sees some potential in bicycles that the rest of us don’t see that would make them effective vehicles for waging war against invading space aliens, or that an adult on a bike is simply an outward expression of an inward humility and willingness to trade convenience for conservation. I’m betting it’s both.

Skinny Jeans Not Bike Shorts

Now that we are seeing more bicycles on the road, being ridden in cities by regular people not necessarily clad in colorful, corporate branded jerseys and shorts so tight the skin underneath them feels objectified, the contentious relationship between cars and bicycles is at an all time high.

Fast Not Slow

People in cars see bicycles as slow and in the way or slow and about to be in the way. They see your exertion, bicyclist, as you lean your weight in to spin the crankset around. There is no criticism on the effort. It’s the speed. The beef boils down to a matter of nerdy physics. The effort to propel yourself versus the end product, the rate of forward motion, are grossly disproportional. The person in the car has the opposite problem…if that’s what you want to call it. An effortless act of a 90 to 45 degrees foot extension takes the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about the time it takes the bicyclist to assess their likelihood of getting rolled up in the presently unfolding traffic scenario. The bicyclist’s mechanical disadvantage is at the root of the conflict.

Fragrant Not Flagrant

Bicycles have become the smelly kid in class, and feel that people in cars just want them to be somewhere, anywhere else. But those on bikes will tell you that there is a sense of adventure, pride and responsibility that comes with their method. Where people on bicycles see the necessity to create space around them on the road to ensure their safety, people in cars see a pompous idealist inconsiderate of everyone else. So the “buzz by” occurs with the hope that if enough cars drive by the two-wheeled rider really fast, they will eventually submit under fear, and join the company of those behind the wheel, “like a normal person”. So while bicycles enjoy a sense of freedom in their commute they are not free from road rage, on the contrary, they are often the targets.

Later Not Now

So until there are bike lanes on every street, and until cars choose not to use them as turning/passing lanes, we are going to have to learn to play nice. Consumers will continue to obsess over crash safety ratings and vehicle size when choosing their next car. And commuter safety will continue to be a point of concern and conflicting ideologies despite the fact that it will probably be the job you’re commuting to that ends up killing you.

We’re Mass Communicating!

Priorities Before The World Ends

Hollywood has made a lot of suggestions on what will become of us humans  in the near future. Weather patterns, bacteria and mass consumption have all taken their turn as villain on the stage. But before we all get swept away by a giant wave that comes out of a volcano from outer space on the date 12/12/2012 at 12:12:12 in the afternoon (just a guess) I think it would be to the benefit of our wellbeing if we turned our attention to the contents of our pockets.

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NEW: weekly featured “classic” story

This is a new feature to TTGL along with 2 other new pages: about me and contact.  Those still need some work.  HOWEVER!  The weekly feature is legit.  It allows readers to revisit their favorite stories without having to go look for it and all.  It’s like me bringing you breakfast in bed.  You’re welcome!  So go ahead…look at the top of the page and see what awaits you.  I promise it’s better than eggs benedict. 

America’s Finest


San Diego has a peculiar way of putting you at ease. Sunshine/nice beaches + #1 craft beer city in the country + chronic tardiness = it’s relaxing. Obviously this is one reason why at certain times of the year it can become a whirlwind of tourists. Oftentimes that whirlwind becomes a vortex. Normal, well-intentioned vacationers are at one moment admiring Shamu’s water displacement ability and the next getting swept up almost involuntarily by the city’s sunshiny charm, eventually never finding their way home. They fall in love with the city and soon join the ranks as San Diego residents.


Being from the South originally, I know a little bit about the transition. The maturation process for a new resident starts at “transplant”. Soon you are simply known as from “back East” regardless of where you are actually from. As you take physical form as a

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Turning the Green Light has theme music now!  The official song of TTGL is called “Beast” and it comes from the mind of Shane Petrashek.  Thanks go out to Shane and Marco over at Hundred Percent Racing.  

PEANUT (see previous post for audio version)

Because of his tireless efforts, millions of airplane passengers have staved off the pangs of hunger, mountaineers have summoned unnatural energy in order to summit peaks, and overzealous sports fans have had something to throw at the television in their frustration. Born for the spotlight, Mr. Peanut has been delivering the goods for decades while maintaining an unpretentious air of high class, perfectly balanced with a disarming charm. In a way he is like any other high-class individual, except

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So Fresh and So Clean

When history assesses what impact we have made on oral hygiene, bactericidals or the overall picture of public health I hope they don’t look at MRSA or C-Diff or any of the other so called “super bugs” plaguing our communities. And I really hope they don’t

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Play audio below!!!

Play audio below!!!